Still Nothing and The Great Book of Existence


The book “Still Nothing “is divided into two sections which illustrate my own personal struggles and I suspect the struggles of many others who live in the age of information.  I do not believe that I am saying anything controversial when I say that in this modern age our society prizes above all things hard tangible facts and proven modern science.  These “prove it me”, “let me see it”, “touch it”, “taste it” are tangible needs for concrete facts are what our society flourishes on.  Now contrast that modern reality and its needs against what most of us have been taught for the most part unchanged by society since time immemorial about life, death, god and our place in the universe. Encapsulate those two as of yet irreconcilable viewpoints and you understand my journey.

“Still Nothing” walks the reader through my flirtation with madness, my courtship with insanity and my brushes with heresy, as I try to reconcile faith, the supernatural and the Spirituality with reason rationality and logic.

In the first part of my book I dive into unbelievable stories throughout my life of supernatural phenomena that defy reason and explanation as reported to me by my parents, members of the Spiritual community, complete strangers, and real events that I myself have witnessed.  The first part of the book walks through some of the skepticism that I had/have and my personal conflicts between my deeply rational and my overwhelmingly skeptical mind and the incredible and unbelievable supernatural events that I was/am experiencing. I will walk you down my path to the point where I am today were all of my previously held beliefs about life, death, god, and ultimate good and ultimate evil are now in turmoil.

In the second part of my book I try to take away the “super” in supernatural, or as I like to sometimes refer to the term as “beyond” natural or outside of nature, which to me from my viewpoint is an oxymoron. In this section I try to explain that there is no such thing as “supernatural”, it’s all natural because when we say “supernatural” all we are really saying is that we cannot adequately explain an experience given the limits or our knowledge so we categorize it as “beyond” natural or super”- natural or beyond the explainable norms of nature.  Much in the same way as our ancestors did thousands of years ago when they tried to explain thunder and lightning within the limits of their knowledge at that time.  What other explanation could there be other than a “supernatural” explanation for thunder and lightning?  Our ancestors knew nothing about water molecules, electrons or the behavior of the atmosphere, so to them they were rightly calling thunder and lightning “super”-natural events.  To them these “super” natural events could only be angry gods venting their wrath against un-pious man or the very gods themselves at war.  Today we have stripped away many of the ancient unscientific explanations and taken “super” out of many ancient “supernatural” beliefs such as the explanation of thunder and lightning and we have placed many of these events solely in the realm of “natural”.  In this section of my book I attempt to do the same to what still today remains in the realm of ”supernatural”, that being Spirits/ghosts and life after death. I tie string theory to ghosts and I separate the creation event from god/Spirit and offer what I believe are solid reasoned and rational explanations, but here is the tie to the first section of the book. The mystics believe that my explanations are not just logical applications of reason and science; they in fact believe that the information is channeled straight from god/Spirit and some in fact equate it as dictation to some degree from god/Spirit.

Now sit back open your minds and prepare to question everything you read and everything you believe. You might believe that it was god   or Spirit which created life or perhaps you believe that it was a random happenstance of molecules coming together to create life . Or perhaps a third option, a combination of both.


In this book I have documented my experiences with another form of energy that has yet to be adequately described. I document my interactions with this energy with several individual who have shared incredible and unbelievable experiences with me. I have detailed these encounters by retelling real conversations, pasting actual emails and texts messages we exchanged throughout the process.
It was this retelling of these encounters that led all the parties involved including myself to the conclusion that something that could not be explained by modern science had occurred. These experiences helped me to draw a clearer picture of an aspect of our true nature. In the following chapters where I detail encounters from Alex through to Nichola I demonstrate how Telepathy, Precognition, Astral Travel and even Energy Healing are one in the same. In this book, The Great Book of Existence, I demonstrate that all of these paranormal abilities are one in the same, with the same origins but with multiple uses.
In the final section of the Book, Part 2, I dive into the metaphysical nature of our existence and put it under a microscope. I describe such things as the nature of our existence, the birth of freewill, a form of god that is mortal and not all-knowing and I also cover the age-old question that both those who believe in a higher being and those who don’t never fail to ask and never stop asking. “If there is a god, why does he allow human conflict to exist?” All humans on all sides of the belief spectrum will at some point in their life ask this same question. In this book I methodically deliver that answer in an easily digestible format.

“The true nature of this being/place is malleable, formless “though-energy” but our consciousness tethered by ego builds comfortable and relatable constructions. Ego creates comfortable interactive constructs such as, gods with blue skins, or angels with giant feathered wings or a place with great Pearly Gates


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